The importance of advertising

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The importance of advertising

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Advertising is an important and influential tool in various business processes, as it constitutes a means of communication that depends on influencing one or more individuals; By using one of the promotional means available to build a connection between consumers and products

The advertisement also represents the method used by the merchant to influence the buyer; This is based on the application of a range of means and methods of non-personal communication; In order to convey ideas and promote products and services.

The importance of advertising
Advertising is an essential means of media used by various establishments; To communicate with the public and target customers of its business; Therefore, advertising is of great importance in the work environment, summarized as follows


Economic importance
The economic importance of advertising shows its role in achieving the economic growth of the enterprise; Through his interest in following up on current or new services or goods, and this helps to increase the rate of consumption by individuals of the facility’s products

Which leads to an increase in the volume of production, and the economic importance of advertising is summarized according to the following points: Impact on supply and demand: It is to contribute to increasing demand for products, maintaining their prices at a specific level, and enhancing the purchase motive of consumers.

The effect on marketing costs: It is the effect of advertising on marketing as part of its costs. Impact on production costs: It is the role of advertising in increasing the volume of production, and this leads to reducing the general costs incurred by the facility.

The effect on the quality of goods: Is to provide advertising to help indirectly improve the quality of goods, and this contributes to enhancing the desire of consumers to obtain these goods.

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The effect on selling prices: It is the role of advertising in achieving stability in the prices of products within the market. Impact on investment: advertising support for investment and contribute to its increase, which results in an increase in national and individual income.

social significance
The social importance of advertising appears in its role in influencing the ideas of individuals, and this importance is summarized according to the following points: Educational impact: is the contribution of advertising to enhancing the conviction of individuals to buy a commodity or obtain a service

Advertising relies on the role of logic in communicating influential information about the organization's products. Facilitating life in society: It is the role of advertising in providing services and goods to people by the best means and the lowest prices; Which contributes to saving their efforts by searching for products.

Introducing new habits: It is the role of advertising in people having a set of new habits resulting from the repeated use of the advertised products, such as: strengthening the habit of using a certain type of soap to wash hands.

Strengthening the rapprochement between society and people: It is the role of advertising in building a connection between all existing classes in a single society; Because of its role in transmitting diverse habits among people.

Advertising media
The success of advertising and its spread among people and its effective achievement of the objectives of the facility requires the use of a set of basic advertising means, namely: Readable advertising means: the most important of which are: Newspapers: It is an old advertising medium associated with the antiquity of the issuance of newspapers.

Because of its contribution to providing advertisements about important events for individuals. Magazines: They are one of the means of advertising, and the quality and nature of their field varies according to the category of readers who are interested in providing advertisements to them. Visual advertising media:

Including the following: Television: It is one of the advertising media that has great importance; Because of his role in delivering the advertising message to people; By contributing to motivate them to buy services or goods. The Internet: Its role is to provide good advertising support

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Through it, the consumer is able to return to the previously published advertisements at any time. Audible media: appearing in radio advertising; Where you are interested in reaching as many people as possible, and repeating the advertisement more than once; Which contributes to providing a communication process that helps convey the message of the advertisement to the listeners.

Factors Influencing Advertising
The effectiveness and success of advertising depends on its impact on several factors, namely: Environment: The environment surrounding the advertisement determines suitable opportunities for marketing, and contributes to achieving its objectives. The environment surrounding the advertisement includes the following elements:

Demographic distribution: It is all the influences related to the population, such as the marital status, the size of the population, and other factors; Where advertising seeks to influence consumer behaviour; By providing all the basic and important information about them.

Society: It is the main influence in building certain patterns that combine the behavior of individuals and the nature of advertising; By studying all social factors and influences, and analyzing the quality of interaction between the individual and his behaviors that affect his consumer behavior, and it is the main factor that advertising planners care about.

Factors resulting from the economy: is the effect of advertising based on awareness of the nature of the economy influencing society; By following the apparent changes in savings, consumption, and income.

Cultural factors: the general behavior of individuals affected by the characteristics of the prevailing culture in society; Therefore, it is necessary for the advertisement to pay attention to the cultural environment within the community during its production and design.

Technological factors: are the developments resulting from the emergence of modern tools and means in production; It affects the distribution of products to consumers; It is based on the use of modern communication methods. Factors specific to the law: They are the legal legislation that advertising planners must be keen to be aware of, and to pay attention to in regulating the advertising process; It provides protection for people from being deceived and cheated.

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